Orthopedics & Surgical

Orthopedic and surgical instruments are developed to assist surgeons and orthopedic experts (musculoskeletal system) in their daily routine. Given that surgical procedures are improving on a daily basis, FDMC have a team committed to analyzing advancements in this field, sourcing global pioneers, and introducing new techniques to end users in our region.


Our portfolio of solutions are focussed within the fields of osteosynthesis implants in the Skull, Upper Extremities (elbow, hand, wrist for fracture fixation, osteotomies and joint fusions), Lower Extremities (foot & ankle reconstrcution and fracture repair), Hip & Pelvis (innovative fracture fixation devices that provide multiple fixation options for complex fractures in and around the hip and pelvis region), Shoulder (fractures of the shoulder girdle and proximal humerus) and screw & pin solutions.