Pharmaceutical Division is our most recent division, as FDMC aims to complete the range of health care solutions we provide. FDMC's first partner of success is ARWAN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIALS, LEBANON.


ARWAN, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jadra, Lebanon, was built with infrastructure and design to host the delicate biosimilar and lifesaving injectable industry. ARWAN cooperates with leading European companies, contract-manufacturing capabilities.


ARWAN is specialized in Critical Care Products covering a wide range of Therapeutic Areas: 


Anesthetics,   Analgesics,   Anti-anemics,   Anti-histamines,   Anti-infective,   Anti-psychotics, Cardiovascular,   Gastrointestinal,   Oncology,   Osteoporosis,   Respiratory.


In addition to traditional pharmaceuticals, FDMC represents leading partners within the fields of food supplements, cosmetics, skin care, medical devices and OTC products. Our ultimate goal is to provide and complete range of products to be sold at our chain of retail pharmacies (TADAWI PHARMACIES).